As I’ve recently finished university and now in the teaching profession my biggest reflection is the value of each individual person. As teachers we generalise each class but rather I’ve been thinking about the needs of each student to enhance their educational journey. No student is perfect but believing in their ability to complete a task and having full faith in their capacity, talents and faculties [...] has been the biggest reflection lately. This conviction is strongly influenced by the Faith and particularly by this message from the House of Justice: ‘He may distil pure souls endowed with clear sight: youth whose integrity and uprightness are not undermined by dwelling on the faults of others and who are not immobilized by any shortcomings of their own; youth who will look to the Master and “bring those who have been excluded into the circle of intimate friends”; youth whose consciousness of the failings of society impels them to work for its transformation, not to distance themselves from it; youth who, whatever the cost, will refuse to pass by inequity in its many incarnations and will labour, instead, that “the light of justice may shed its radiance upon the whole world.”’