The pattern of study, action, reflection and consultation that the Institute Process is centred on transformed my life in unexplainable ways. Lifting the veil of self and engaging in a process which seeks to re-conceptualise and bring new meaning and purpose to the various elements of society has had a significant impact on the way I view the world, and the potential for growth and development I see in every sector of society. Moving through the Institute Process and accompanying others to also do so helped me identify and question age-old traditions and dogmatic notions which are so quickly accepted in society and helped me understand the essential and indispensable role each of us has to play in the creation of a new society. In a nutshell, being a Baha’i for me means having faith that, through our efforts, society can be remoulded, and that ‘a new race of men, incomparable in character, shall be raised up which, with the feet of detachment, will tread under all who are in heaven and on earth, and will cast the sleeve of holiness over all that hath been created from water and clay.’