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I was 21 when I decided to ‘own it’ (my faith). I was more mature, in college and I was able to see clearly the banalities in society around me and I wanted to be the change, make a meaningful difference and surround myself with like-minded individuals looking to also work together regardless of their beliefs. We started having meaningful conversations while studying, sharing the Baha’i principles of oneness, equality of men and women, justice, of service to humanity. A Jehovah’s Witnesses friend I went to school with was recently in Chicago and remembered I had talked about the House of Worship in Wilmette, Illinois and went with her father because she remembered her Baha’i friend fondly and wanted to visit one of our sacred places. That was such a sweet realization to see how you can create a lasting impression in those around you and how they perceive what you believe in. It is also a great responsibility.