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I began searching. At that time, I even began to say the prayer that Jesus gave us... ‘Our Father, Who art in Heaven...’ I started to say it every day, every day, every morning I said, ‘O God, guide me! Guide me!’ One day I met - I visited- a friend and I saw a book on his table, Thief in the Night, by William Sears, and I opened it and read two or three pages and told myself that I had found something really extraordinary... One year or so before, my step mother, who never became a Baha’i and who was killed during the genocide, brought home some Baha’i prayers. She loved these prayers but she never accepted the Baha’i Faith... One time I asked her, what does He say about Jesus Christ. She told me, ‘He says He is a Prophet like all the others.’ That wasn’t the right answer to me so I didn’t investigate any further. Two years later, when I was looking and I was tired of fighting myself... I found the Baha’i Faith and this time, I was really excited! But I was also afraid...afraid of losing my connection to Jesus Christ... so in searching this time...I read and I read all the books I could find in French and I think I was swept away by the beauty of the Writings.